If you think you could use a little something more in your backyard space, Solid Rock Outdoor Transformations’ team has the perfect options for you. In addition to our landscape paving contractor services, we’re the perfect hardscape contractor to offer you other luxuries, like an outdoor fireplace and even an outdoor kitchen.

Sure, many people have a bonfire pit in their backyard, but what about a built-in stone fire pit? Our fireplaces can be created to suit your personal taste and can also be much more convenient. We can build them right into your patio, so you can be sitting around a table during the day for a meal and then huddle around the fire at night.

These outdoor fireplaces add a certain serenity to an outdoor living space and can be a main focal point for your guests, especially during a party!

Add Even More Convenience with an Outdoor Kitchen

You can take your cookouts and barbecues to a whole new level when you add in an outdoor kitchen. Our team has some of the best insight and ideas to design a kitchen that will suit your personal needs and tastes.

These are extremely convenient in the summer because everything you may need is right outside with you, keeping extra foot traffic out of your home. That means dirty paws and feet won’t be tracking grass and mud in your clean house all day and night!
If you’re one who hosts regular outdoor parties or simply likes to spend as much time as possible in your yard, our outdoor kitchens and fireplaces can be the perfect accessory for your patio space.

Give us a call today to get started on creating a luxury outdoor space that you, your family and all of your guests will love!